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Applications that Can Help You Track Your Sleep with an Apple Watch

Watches have come a really long way. From a classic mechanical watch to the new-age smartwatches that have invaded the market in this day and age, there is always something for everyone.
Now, I am a watch collector and although I would still prefer traditional watches, I did get myself an Apple Watch for the simple reason that it does features that no other type of watch can.
An Apple Watch is a smartwatch that was developed and released by the same company that brought iPhone to the world, Apple.
That being said, according to the WHO, all of us are required to sleep at least 8 hours a night. This is to make sure that your body is able to repair broken tissues and do its thing. In fact, some of our body’s processes will not take place if we are not sleeping.
Now, if you value your health so much, there is actually a way for you to track your sleep so that you can ensure yourself that you are getting some much-needed rest every night.
To do that, you will have to use your Apple Smartwatch along with some applications. In this article, I will teach you how to do that.

A Word Before Use

Now, there are some people that are skeptical of using an Apple Watch as a sleep tracker and that is mainly due to the device’s battery life.
Well, I am here to tell you now that those fears are actually not true anymore, especially in the latest iterations of the said product. That is because the company has made sure that the battery in each new version is better than the last.
Although you would still need to charge the device regularly, the battery has vastly improved, making it a potent sleep tracker that you can use every night.

Tracking Your Sleep

If you want to track your sleep, you will have to use your Apple Watch and a companion app that can be used either on your phone or smartwatch.
The first application that I would recommend is an app called AutoSleep. Your Apple Watch comes with a lot of sensors that can tell the app if you are actually sleeping or not. For instance, it will track your movement and heart rate and if it sees that you meet the criteria of a sleeping person, it will start tracking your slumber.
The application has a pretty intuitive interface and because of its simplicity, it constantly gets good ratings in the Apple App Store.


Although this application has a subscription-based model, it is actually a pretty good app. Sleepzy not only tracks your sleep but it can also provide you with some white noise that will make your immediate environment conducive for sleeping.


This application used to be a smart alarm clock app, but has been improved vastly and has been turned into a bonafide sleep tracker.
The good thing about Pillow is that you can use it in conjunction with your Apple Watch. So, if you want to charge your smartwatch overnight, you can use the phone to track your sleep instead.

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